Client Comment

Attorney Client, on a long-term risk assessment project (nearing litigation with a regulatory agency and very attorney-heavy teams):
"Your ability to take comments from dozens of sources and mold them into a coherent report is truly extraordinary. Much of what we accomplished would not have been possible without the record you provided."

Communications, Sample Projects

Neutral third party facilitator of the radionuclides re-sampling work group that developed a work plan at the Lowry Landfill Superfund site in Colorado.

Facilitated a multi-party meeting related to mine permitting, geotechnical safety, and acid generating potential aspects of planned remedial action at several large mine rock (waste) piles.

Conducted a telephone survey of dozens of US EPA Regional risk assessors to identify common practices and trends related to key risk assessment and risk management issues.

Met with construction workers at a construction site in California to help them understand the health risks associated with post-remediation levels of arsenic in soil.

Helped individual residents understand the health implications of the results of indoor air sampling in their homes.

Wrote and / or edited several newsletters, including Risk and Beyond, a client-targeted newsletter covering risk assessment, toxicology, remediation, and regulations, on behalf of a global environmental consulting firm; Notes, a quarterly newsletter covering investigation, risk assessment, remediation, and other topics related to environmental contamination; Mining NewsFlash, a periodic publication highlighting environmental and geotechnical issues and opportunities of interest to mines; The Lead and Arsenic Bulletin, a newsletter distributed to clients.

Designed and taught a graduate-level mini-course (2.5 hours per week, full semester, 1989) in the Toxicology Program at North Carolina State University (Toxicologic Risk: Issues in Assessment, Management, and Communication). Designed and co-taught a 3-credit graduate-level class in human health risk assessment at Colorado School of Mines (about 2003).

Provided air permitting-related risk assessment and communication services for a foundry/castings facility emitting volatiles to air near residential neighborhoods in Arizona. Tasks included assessment of risks associated with modeled concentrations in the community (including a school), meetings with the agency, and public meetings.